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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Upon the trails of Serbian vampires

luka vampir m

Departure from Belgrade.

Journey to Valjevo and visit to the Vampire mill - Did you know that the word "vampire" is of Serbian origin, and that the first vampires were discovered in Serbia, and not in Romania? We will show you that, in a mill in which the world's first vampire quenched his thirst....

Visit of the monument of Serbian writer Milovan Glišić
who wrote the short story "After 90 years" which celebrated Sava Savanović. We will hear how the world's first vampire was born. Guess where? In Serbia! And it's not a legend, but it is stated in official documentation of the Austrian army, which you will be able to see.

Break on the bank of small river Gradac, which is one of the most beautiful excursion sites in Serbia will surely sharpen your senses.

Tasting of traditional Serbian plum brandy in a restaurant Tadić mill near the mills - Plum is the Serbian national drink made according to the original recipe of plums. Over 3000 acres were planted plum tree only in the region of Jadar. We will see the caldron in which the brandy is made and hear how it’s made from plums. Lunch at Tadić mill.

Walk at the Tešnjar - the old bazaar formed in the Turkish time which extends along the right bank of the Kolubara. A walk through this charming old street where you can feel the spirit of Oriental market and shop in some of the old artisan workshops: waxiers, saddlers, potters, weavers, coppersmiths.

Journey to Divčibare and stop at the lookout from which on a beautiful day, you can even see Durmitor in Montenegro and Tornik top on Zlatibor mountain.

Return to Belgrade.

Duration: whole day

Price per person:

4 -7 persons 8 -14 persons 15- 35 persons 35+ persons
65 € 51 € 36 € 25 €