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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Underground labyrinths from Belgrade to Novi Sad


Pick up from the hotel

Kalemegdan fortress - passing through its gates and bastions.

Descent into a large underground bunker from the time of Informbireau – the bunker was built in 1948. due to the needs of the state to defend against a possible attack by the Soviet Union.

Roman well - mysterious edifice buried in the bedrock near the "Victor" three centuries ago. Roman well was called the "navel of the world" and it was believed to be the place where the mythical hero Orpheus descended into the underworld.

Passing to the lower city through Deferdareva Gate followed by descent into the underground dungeon of Big Gunpowder storage and the adoration of one of the greatest relics of the Christian world, Jonina sarcophagus around 1500 years old. Visiting the Gate of Charles the Great.

Visit of the Nebojsa Tower - a building that has long served as a prison, where the Turks applied the most brutal ways of torture. You will find out why is it called Nebojsa and which great Greek hero was slaughtered there, what were the armies that attacked it look like and much more…

Departure to Novi Sad.

Visit of the Petrovaradin fortress. It is one of three largest European fortresses of all times. The Fortress was built by the Habsburg Empire with the aim to protect the boundaries of the Empire from the Ottoman which threatened to penetrate the Fortress, including the underground military galleries. Over 16 kilometres of underground hallways, crossroads and galleries form scary labyrinth which you would never dare to enter without a guide.

Tour of the centre of Novi Sad and free time for lunch or lunch at the fortress.

Visit of the wine cellars in Karlovac and tasting of the famous wine BERMET- it is a traditional Karlovac’s aromatic wine, which was once very popular on the Viennese and London court and several bottles of Bermet were even found on the sunken Titanic. Sremski Karlovci is one of the most beautiful places in Vojvodina, on the slopes of mystical Fruška Mount, the mountain which hides 16 Orthodox monasteries.

Visit of the Patriarchal church in which there is an unusual picture of Moses with horns.

Return to Belgrade.

Duration: whole day

Price per person:

4 -7 persons 8 -14 persons 15- 35 persons 35+ persons
68 € 54 € 38 € 27 €

 *lunch is not included in the price