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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Miracle monastery and tradition


Ride to monastery Koporin.

Visit of the monastery. Monastery with the Church of St. Stephen, a cultural monument of great importance, is in the same village, 6 km from Velika Plana in an inaccessible area. There is no information about the founder and time of construction of the temple. It was in the ruins until 1880, when the first renewal started. Next to the church is a healing spring, which is said to cure vision.

The journey to the church Pokajnica. Pokajnica church was built of oak in 1818 by Duke Vujica Vuličević under order of Prince Miloš Obrenović, and dedicated to Sv. Nikola. According to tradition, it was built for committed sins (murder of Karađorđe), and the people named it Pokajnica.

The journey to Radovanjski Grove, the oak forest that belongs to the category of cultural monuments of great importance, as a natural monument and a memorial. The leader of the First Serbian Uprising Karadjordje Petrović was killed and initially buried here.

The journey to the ethno village "Moravski konaci“ and lunch. It is located in the very heart of Serbia, in Velika Plana and consists of native old houses (apartments), which were carefully dismantled in the abandoned Serbian villages and re-assembled in our location. The interior is adapted to modern lifestyle. A beautiful restaurant built of wood, glass will welcome you with friendly staff dressed in Serbian folk costumes and old Serbian specialties.
Time at leisure.

Duration: half day

Return to Belgrade

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4 -7 persons 8 -14 persons 15- 35 persons 35+ persons
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