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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Smederevo – Viminacium – Silver Lake


Departure from Belgrade.

Journey to Smederevo, the capital of Serbia before its fall under the Turkish govern. Tour of Smederevo Fortress, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe. Smederevo fort
ress is a cultural and historical heritage of exceptional value as well as an exclusive space for music and drama and other cultural events.

Journey to Viminacium. Visit to the archaeological site Viminacium where there are the remains of the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia and the legionary camp. Viminacium had a special significance as the leading Roman metropolis in this part of the Danube lines. A skeleton of a mammoth was recently discovered in the site.

Drive to Silver Lake which is located only 110 km from Belgrade. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia and one of the favourite resorts of tourists and fishermen. It is located on an attractive location surrounded by historical and cultural sites. With extraordinary beauty, the lake was named the Serbian sea.

Time at leisure at the lake.

Visit of the fortress Ram. On the right bank of the Danube, on a steep cliff with a beautiful view of the river, there are the walls of the medieval town of Ram. Many nations throughout the history ravished for it, such as Hungarians, Byzantines and the Turks.

Return to Belgrade.

Duration: whole day

Price per person:

4 -7 persons 8 -14 persons 15- 35 persons 35+ persons
58 € 45 € 28 € 19 €

 *lunch is not included in the price