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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Novi Sad and wine capital of Karlovci


Departure from Belgrade.

Visit of the Petrovaradin fortress, located in Novi Sad, on the Petrovaradin rock. It is one of three largest European fortresses of all times. The Fortress was built by the Habsburg Empire with the aim to protect the boundaries of the Empire from the Ottoman which threatened to penetrate the Fortress and into its interior, including the underground military galleries. Over 16 kilometres of underground hallways, crossroads and galleries form scary labyrinth which you would never dare to enter without a guide.

Tour of the centre of Novi Sad

Departure to Fruska Mount and Monastery Krušedol - It was founded by the family of the last Serbian despot in Srem – Branković and built between 1509 and 1514. Family of Djordje Branković, two patriarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church and King Milan Obrenović were buried in Krušedol.

Lunch in ethno house Maradik which is also a museum - Ethno house in Maradik is an authentic building about 150 years old. It was adapted for tourist visits, so that people could learn more about the tradition, culture, customs and way of life of the population of this area.

Visit of the wine cellars in Karlovac and tasting of the famous Karlovac wine BERMET- it is a traditional Karlovac’s aromatic wine, which was once very popular on the Viennese court and London court and several bottles of Bermet were even found on the sunken Titanic. Sremski Karlovci is one of the most beautiful places in Vojvodina, on the slopes of mystical Fruška Mount, the mountain which hides 16 Orthodox monasteries.

Visit of the Patriarchal church in which there is an unusual picture of Moses with horns.

Return to Belgrade

Duration: whole day

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