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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Mećavnik, Andric Town, Sargan Eight

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Belgrade-Zlatibor-Mokra Gora-Sargan-Tara- Višegrad- Belgrade

Day 1

Departure from Belgrade in the early hours of the morning

Arrival on Mokra gora (wet mount) - Driving “Sargan Eight” historical railway - The so-called “Sargan Eight” is part of the gauge railway between Uzice and Visegrad, over Wet Mountains and Kremna village, over the Sargan hill. This railway has many bridges and 19 tunnels, the longest is Sarganski: 1660.80 m. According to the number of bridges and tunnels, and the rise of 18 per thousand “Sargan Eight” is unique in Europe. The construction of the narrow gauge railway started by the Austrians in 1916 ....

City tour of Emir Kusturica - Mećavnik - Ethno Village Mećavnik, known as the "Wooden Town" is located on the hill Mecavnik in Mokra Gora near the "Sargan Eight". Main street is paved with wooden sleepers at the end of street is a small wooden church. You feel an unreal and amazing world created by the imagination of film genius Emir Kusturica ...

The streets in the village bear the names of various individuals that Kusturica holds in high esteem or finds to be personally significant: Nikola Tesla, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Diego Maradona, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Joe Strummer, Novak Đoković and of course, Ivo Andrić, after whom the main street is named.

Departure to Visegrad and visit Andrićgrad – Visit to the bridge of Mehmed Paša Sokolović which is standing on ots place from 15th Century. Entering Andrićgrad - complex is dedicated only Serbian Nobel Prize winner with the idea that combines outstanding historical periods in our region, to promote tourism, culture, art, peace, equality among people, races and genders, spreading literacy and nobility and connects and unites nations, regions and the world.

It is possible to visit the home of the prophets of Kremna - It is said that Kremna stone has magical powers and that it is almost impossible to shoot sharp image of the village Kremani from satellites. Kremanska prophecies are a collection of prophecies about the events that occurred after the publication of the their words in twentieth century. Illiterate peasants Miloš and Mitar Tarabić built a reputation as predictors of the future. Village priest recorded some of their predictions that were very precise, not in code like Nostradamus prophecy. No one recorded an error in their prophecies, to this day ...

Back to Zlatibor. Overnight.

Day II

Breakfast. Going to the market in Zlatibor and morning coffee by the lake – Zlatibor, mountain in the southwestern part of Serbia was the destination for the wealthy people since the mid-seventeenth century, a place of temporary residence of those who are primarily searching for health, but also for peace at slopes of Zlatibor. However, the real tourism is developed only when a crowned head came to Zlatibor, king of Serbia Aleksandar Obrenovic.

Optional excursion to the village Mušvete the tasting ham and wine in Zlatibor ... The unusual thing is that one Dalmatians descovered that for the best “home” for prosciutto is Zlatibor. Visit the company "Aćim" engaged in production of dry meat products and wine. Tasting of Dalmatian smoked ham from Zlatibor, Dalmatian bacon, sausage and wine.

Return to Belgrade with occasional stops for rest

Price per person: upon request