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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Uvac - home of largest vultures and meanders of Europe

Uvac panorama 725

The largest vultures and meanders Europe

Belgrade -Zlatar - Sjenica - Uvac - Belgrade

Day 1

Departure from Belgrade in the morning
Travelling to Zlatibor and rest Zlatibor mountain or optional excursion to the village Mušvete for the tasting ham and wine... An unusual thing is that one Dalmatian discovered that for the best place to make prosciutto is just Zlatibor.
Visit the company "Aćim" engaged in production of dry meat products and wine.
Tasting of Dalmatian smoked ham from Zlatibor, Dalmatian bacon, sausage and wine.
The journey continues to the hotel at Zlatibor or Zlatar Mountain. Accommodation at the hotel. Spare time. Dinner. Overnight.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Leaving the hotel.
Departure to the ranger’s camp on the river at the entrance to the nature reserve Uvac River Gorge.
Central morphological entity represents the canyon valley of the river Uvac with the valleys of its tributaries. Special site of the canyon valley are curving meanders. Capes of meanders have relative heights of up to 100 m. The environment is made up of lime rocks and fields. Caves are numerous and vary in size from rock shelters to the largest known cave system in Serbia, such as Usac cave system (6185 m long). Caves are very rich in speleothem deposits left by dripping water to form stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, transparent needles etc.
Special Nature Reserve Uvac distinguishes the presence of 104 bird species. The greatest attraction in the reserve is griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus). Griffon vulture is a vulture species, impressive size and a has wingspan of up to 3 meters which makes it a powerful flier whose flight has been studied by scientists - aeronautic engineers and applied in aircraft construction.

- Boarding the boat and ride through the meanders of the river Uvac.
- Visiting the griffon vulture nests.
- Entry into the ice cave directly from the river.
- The return with optional swimming in the canyon below Medieval Fortress Klek (depending on weather conditions)
- Upon arrival awaits you grilled meat with the famous Sjenica cheese.
Optional - 20 minutes safari in one direction over meadows and rough trails of Zlatarska plateau. Arrival at the "Prayer" lookout, where the giant vultures flying below you, and meanders of Uvac will be seen in all its glory. Return to the beach by jeeps.
- Departure for Belgrade and arrival in the evening.

The package price includes:
• modern transportation, travel by bus with audio-video equipment, air conditioning
• 1 half-board at the hotel (1/2, 1 / 3,1 / 4 bedrooms)

• guide services in every bus
• Costs of travel agencies

The pakage price does not include:
• trips and boating on the Uvac and lunch at the camp ranger Uvac
• Lunch on the Uvac without a boat ride 
• Safari jeeps to a viewpoint "Prayer" - 
• Tasting of ham, wine and brandy in the village Mušvete (practically lunch) 
• Individual costs of passengers