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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Djerdap gorge


Belgrade-Golubac-Kladovo-Vratna-Negotin-Rajac-Donji Milanovac-Majdanpek-Belgrade

Day 1 Belgrade - Golubac - Lepenski Vir - Kladovo

Departure from Belgrade.

Tour of Golubac city - Octagonal Šešir (Hat) tower on the Danube River, the former port town Golubac, is a landmark of Golubac today. It was first mentioned as a Hungarian military fortification in 1335, although the exact time of occurrence is not known, nor by whom it was built; the Byzantines needed it to determine borders to the north, Hungarians to secure their possessions across the Danube, and the Serbs - because it protected their areas from intrusion of Hungarians... This fortress guards the entrance to the largest river gorge in Europe.

Djerdap Gorge or Iron Gate of Europe is one of most impressive scenes on the continent. At Golubac fortress, Danube river tightens from the huge 6.5 kilometers of width into just a few hundred meters. Danube passes afterwards through a huge gorge through which formerly Pannonian Sea ran into Pont. Danube becomes the deepest river in Europe, with up to 94 meters of depth in the gorge, while the cliffs above the river raise to over 700 meters in height.

Stop-overs at lookouts along the way and lunch at the local restaurant.

Visit to the archeological site Lepenski Vir - about 8000 years ago, in the village of Lepenski Vir, one of the first regulated civilizations in Europe lived. The discovery of this site was a surprise to the scientific community, because it was believed that at the time there were no societies in Europe at such a high level of development of human society.

Tour of the statue of the Dacian King Decebal
, which was carved out of natural rock on the Romanian side of the gorge. It is 40 m high and it is the largest sculptural portrait of Europe. Construction lasted for ten years, and the price of the sculpture reached a million dollars.

Arrival in Kladovo and check-in at the hotel.

Free evening for the walks by the river, or swimming at the town beach.

Dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Hydro-power plant Djerdap – Diana - Rajačke pimnice - (Vratna) - Kladovo

Pick up from the hotel and journey to Hydro-power plant Djerdap. Tour of one of the largest hydro-power plants in Europe, with huge locks for ships. This site was created by a joint effort of the former Yugoslavia and Romania, and still represents a building, an architectural, and energy wonder.

Visit of the Roman fortress Diana from the 1st century - The fort was built at the end of the first century, during the reign of Emperor Trajan. It guarded channels which enabled navigation on the Danube. The fortress was destroyed and rebuilt several times from 4th till 6th century. Its final collapse, the fortress experienced in 596 during the Slavic-Avarian intrusion into the Balkan Peninsula.

Journey to the unique wine town Rajačke pimnice.

Lunch in the restaurant St. Trifun.

Wine tasting in the cellars, before or after lunch.

If the group arrived by minibus or a smaller vehicle a tour of a unique nature reserve Vratna is possible - a nature reserve where there is a feeding of deer and reserve of a hawk. In the gorge of river Vratna, there are three natural stone bridges. These can be visited on marked hiking trail, which had previously passed through the monastery.

Arrival to the village Rajac and a tour of wine cellars with wine tasting. - The first records of Rajačka pimnica date from the mid-19th century. Wine cellars were built next to each other, intersected with narrow streets. There were about 260 of them. They are built of stone with walls up to 80 cm. Poorer households had only cellars for storing wine, while those richer had a room above the basement where people used to sleep at the time of harvest. This style of building with dug-in cellars favors maturation of wine, because temperature does not vary much during the hot summer and very cold days during the year.

Return to the hotel, leisure time, dinner, overnight stay.

Day 3 Kladovo – Donji Milanovac (on boat) - Belgrade

Boarding the ship in Tekija. During sailing sightseeing of: Traian’s board, Hajdučka vodenica (Yarrow Mill - meeting place for fishermen), the character od Dacian King Decebal carved in the rock (the tallest rock sculpture in Europe) and the monastery Mrakonia (on the Romanian coast). The ship passes through the strait, which is the narrowest point on the entire Danube (150 meters), and the highest measured river depth in the Europe of 94 meters.

Lunch on boat.

Docking in Donji Milanovac.

Boarding the tour bus and a possible tour of Rajko's cave at Majdanpek - one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia. Three rivers: Janko’s, Pasko’s and Rajko’s, have built a system of halls, canals and corridors. Rajko's cave consists of two levels: the river and dry one. The total length of the cave is 2,304 meters. This cave is characterized by a great wealth of cave ornaments, stalactites, stalagmites, columns, etc.

Return to Belgrade.

Price per person: on request