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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Djavolja varoš (Devil's Town)


One of the new wonders of the world

This natural monument is composed of two rare natural phenomena in the world: clay figures, as specific forms of relief which are very attractive in the area, and two springs of highly carbonated water with high mineral content. These two phenomena taken together make ĐavoljaVaroš (Devil’s Town) a real natural world wonder. The attractiveness of the two unseen wonders of nature is complemented with the surrounding natural environment which depicts it in a rather harsh, almost mystical, and in the same time picturesque and timid way, as well as with the remains of the village, old church, cemetery, and several interesting mining pits. If you want to experience this monument of nature, and unique architecture in the world, in all its beauty, it is best to be there early in the morning or evening, at sunrise or sunset.

Day 1: Belgrade - Djavolja Varoš – Prolom spa

Departure in the early morning hours.

Bus drive to Prolom spa, hotel accommodation and free time for individual activities, lunch at individual choice. Departure for Đavolja Varoš and visit of the unique natural monument, which was in the final choice of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. After sightseeing, return to Prolom spa, an air and health resort, famous for the treatment of diseases of kidneys, urinary tract and digestive organs, it is a health resort near Kuršumlija. The spa has a temperate-continental climate with lush vegetation, and its water is low mineralized, highly alkaline, with temperature of 26 - 310C.

Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Prolom spa– Kuršumlija– Niš

Breakfast and check out from the hotel.

Visit to the wooden church dedicated to St. Duke Lazar, which is interesting because of the plums that grow beside it and their branches always curl in the same direction.

Journey to Kuršumlija where there are two major endowments of the Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja. These are the churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Sv. Nikola. According to tradition, bullets were made of the lead roof of the church, and the city was named Kuršumlija because of that.

Journey to Niš. Check-in at the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Niš –Moravski konaci - Belgrade

Breakfast and check-out from the hotel.

Tour of Niš - Name Niš is a Slavic version of the Roman Naisus. Celtic river Navissos, or the fairy river, after which the town was named was first mentioned three centuries BC. A man who will forever change the world was born on the banks of the river in 274. Emperor Constantine the Great came to power in 313 year, and acknowledged the right of Christians to practice faith. He has never forgotten his hometown where he built the summer house with monumental mosaics - Mediana. An impressive medieval fortress still stands in the city center and lives through the great restaurants on it. One of the unprecedented monuments of human cruelty is located in Niš. The Skull tower was built with the heads of Serbian rebels who rebelled against the Turkish government.

Journey to ethno village Moravski konaci, tour and lunch in the ethno village - Ethno village Moravski konaci is located in the heart of Serbia in Velika Plana. Moravski konaci are a proof that the vision and idea are everything. In the area where clay for bricks used to be extracted, there is one of the biggest and most beautiful monuments of Serbian tradition, joined with recreation center and excellent cuisine. Several lakes, wooden houses, a swimming pool complex and a sense of peace, that is what Moravski konaci offer.
Return to Belgrade and departure to home country.

Price: on request