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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Big Serbian adventure tour


Day 1

Departure towards Zlatibor mountain where we will have the base for our adventure. Driving through Morava River gorge, and arrival to Zlatibor before lunch.

After lunch departure for paragliding adventure (depending on the weather conditions). Take off from one of the peaks of Zlatibor highlands. Paragliding tandem flights are optional, and will be conducted according to the schedule. If weather conditions do not allow paragliding activities on the first day, there is a possibility to conduct it on the last day of our tour.

Diner and party at the hotel restaurant.

Day 2:


Departure towards Šćepan Polje in Montenegro, for the Tara river rafting adventure. Its canyon is the second deepest in the world and the water is so pure that is drinkable!
On the river Tara the downriver section is a 14 km long section that has 21 rapids out of 52, which Tara has in total.

If you would like to try out faster and more exciting downriver rafting, then May and June are the right time for you, and if you are more for slower and easier option you should choose July and August as the time for your adventure. It is a special experience being under the Sipcanica stream that has a constant temperature of +5ºC, which has always been a place to see and visit for all the Tara rafters. Downriver rafting lasts approximately 4 hours.

On the way back to Zlatibor, stop at Mećavnik, wooden ethno complex of famous director Emir Kusturica.

Return to the hotel.

Day 3:


Departure to the ranger camp on the river at the entrance to the nature reserve of Uvac River canyon - Central morphological entity is the canyon of the river Uvac with the valleys of its confluences. Special value of the canyon parts of the valley are curving meanders. Capes of the meanders have a relative height of up to 100 m. Caves are numerous and vary in size from rock shelters to the largest known cave system in Serbia, such as Ušac cave system (6185 m). Nature Reserve “Uvac'' stands out because of 104 species of birds. The biggest attraction in the reserve is a griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus). It is a vulture species, of imposing size, with a wingspan of up to 3 meters, making it a powerful flier whose flight has been studied by scientists – aeronautic, and applied in the construction of aircraft.

- Boarding the boat or catamaran and a ride through the meanders of the river Uvac.
- Tour sightseeing of griffon vulture nests
- Entering the Ice cave from the river
- Swimming in clean water of river Uvac in the canyon below the medieval fortress Klek upon return

Safari in jeeps on the dirt roads and fields of Pešter Plateau, to the lookout Molitva,(Prayer) which offers a fantastic view and from where you can see eagles flying above you.

Safari on the way back and barbecue on the beach with the famous Sjenički Cheese.

Return to the hotel. Diner. Farewell party.

Day 4:


Journey to Stopića Cave.

Stopića cave is located in the area of Zlatibor. It is a river cave, as Trnavski stream flows through it. The cave has an impressive entrance opening and consists of five parts: Light Hall, Dark Hall, Large Hall with basins, Channel with basins and a River channel. Although not particularly rich in cave ornaments it has very interesting basins, which with their size and depth (some up to seven meters) differ from others in Serbia.

Departure to Belgrade with short breaks on the way, arrival to Belgrade in the afternoon.

End of adventure.

*Paragliding activities are highly dependable on weather conditions, therefore payment for the same is done on the spot, should the weather be suitable for paragliding flights during the stay of the group.

All participants of the adventure tour need to have health travel insurance with extra paid high sport risk.

Price: on request