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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monastery Raca

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monastery-racaRača Monastery is located in western Serbia, near the Drina River in the foothills of the mountain of Tara.
According to
tradition, the monastery was built by Serbian King Dragutin (1276-1316).


The monastery was destroyed several times and re-built from the ashes. The present church was built in 1826. During Ottoman rule, the monastery was an important center for copying school.
History of Serbian literature owe most of the creativity in the XVII and the first decade of the XVIII to the "Rachanska copying school”. Turkish travels writer, dervish Zulih, also known as the Evliya Celebi noted that on 1630 was 300 monks- copyist, who was served by 400 shepherds, blacksmiths, economy and other staff. The security guard was 200.

Rachanska copying school was located about 40 minutes walk to the river Raca, near the springs Ladjevac. Racha copyist-monks have called this place in the 17th century, the Spa, because temperature of water is 17 degrees all year round. Nearby is Lađevac is hermitage dedicated to Saint George.
The monastery was reconstructed on the 1795 by Haji Milentije Stefanovic (1766-1824). Haji Milentije Abbot was one of the leaders in the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks. Haji Milentije’s flag from 1807 year are still kept in the monastery.
The monastery was burned 1813 by The Aga Memiš Turkish commander of Srebrenica, but was rebuilt 1818 with the substantial assistance provided by Prince Milos Obrenovic.