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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monastery Devic

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monastery-devicDevič monastery is located under the same name mountain chain in Serbia, in the province Metohija.

It was built around the 1434, and is located in Drenička forest, 5 km south of Srbica. The monastery was built on the site where, in one hollow beech, great ascetic of the XV century, Saint Joanikije Devički, lived and prayed to God.

The monastery was built by despot Đurađ Branković in gratitude for healing his daughter-virgin (ser. devica), by which the monastery was named. Đurađ Brankovic built monastery at the place where, four years earlier, 1430 ascot Joanikije Devički was buried.

The frescoes in the monastery, which has several layers dating from the fifteenth century, and the image of St. Joanikije Devički in clothing of Martyr and well-pres erved inscription that says he the first patron of the Monastery. There is also well-preserved face of St. Akakius, as well as compositions marriage in Cana of Galilee and Healing of Infirm.

In its history, Devič monastery was rebuilt several times. It is consists of several churches dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin, Saint Joanikije and St. George.
In 1915 monastery was robbed for the first time by Austrian military forces, after retreat of the Serbian army through Albania in World War I. The second time it happened 1941 when it was pulled down and destroyed hermitage of St. Joanikije Devički, located on the slope on the north side of the monastery, and Istocnik located in the valley below the monastery. The monastery was then looted by Albanian fascists, in German service. Up to these unfortunate events, monastery had a large collection of manuscripts and printed books from the nineteenth and twentieth century. At the end of June 1999, after the withdrawal of Yugoslav security forces from Kosovo and Metohija and the arrival of French KFOR, the monastery was burned, looted and completely destroyed the members of the KLA (UCK).

Burned monastery Devič