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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monastery Kalenic

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monastery-kalenicMonastery Kalenić is the female monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and belongs to Šumadijska Diocese.
The monastery is located near the Rekovac. It is dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. Kalenić was founded protovestiar(noble title) Bogdan, a prominent nobleman in service of Stefan Lazarevic.

The church was built and painted between the 1413 and 1420. Monastery was abandoned in the late XVII century, and restored him mid-XVIII century by monks from Moraca.

By artistic values monastery is one of the most important cultural monuments in Serbia. The church was built in the Morava style, richly decorated outside, and the frescoes are among the best preserved frescoes accomplishments of the XV century.

The basis of the monastery is a compressed type trefoil with a dome, has a narthex with a blind dome. For Kalenić is said to be most luxurious monastery of Morava style featuring rich architectural stone plastic and alternating sequence of stone and brick. As for the wall decorations and frescoes, represented common themes such as holidays are great, earthly life of Christ and his miracles, and the cycle apocryphal biography of the Virgin in the narthex, where is also the founders composition-protovestijar Bogdan together with his wife Milica and her brother Peter approached Despot Stefan.