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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Tvrdos monastery

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Tvrdoš monastery is located near Trebinje, in the Republic of Srpska (BIH). The monastery is the seat of the Herzegovina-Zahumska diocese.
Tvrdoš monastery was built on the foundations of a church which dates from the fourth century after Christ, before the time when the Serbs received Christianity, which only speaks of tradition and longevity of Christianity in the region of Herzegovina.

Foundations of these church could be seen in the monastery, below glass part of the monastery floor .
Tvrdoš together with the ruins of the old monastery lies on a rocky plateau near Trebinje. Monastery was built around the 1509. However, in the 1517 it was decorated with fresco paintings fresco painter Vice Lovrov from Dubrovnik.

In conflict with the Turks Venetians destroyed Tvrdoš on 1694. In the first years of XVIII century there were several attempts to restore the destroyed monastery.
By the remains of the old monastery it can be seen that the Tvrdoš was ready for the defense from the attackers.

That is why it was built a solid wall around the monastery. In the interior the ruins of the foundations of the old be seen. It was a basilica with three ships. Two side ships are somewhat shorter than the middle one, which was extended by narthex on the west side. The present church was built on 1924.
In Tvrdoš, St. Vasilije of Ostrog, a miracle-worker and a saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church, was ordained.