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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monastery Ravanica

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Ravanica monastery is situated at the foot of the mountain Kučajskе. Ravanica was founded by Prince Lazar, who was
Monastery Ravanica

killed at the Battle of Kosovo on St. Vitus Day, 28th June 1389.
The church is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord, and it was surrounded by a solid defensive wall with seven towers.

Ravanica was built between 1375 and 1377. The frescoes were painted a few years before the Kosovo battle.
According to its architectural and artistic features the church represents a beginning of Ravanička Morava school. The church is the original architectural features created by merging trifoliate basis and model of an inscribed cross with five domes. The church is built of alternating rows of stone and brick, decorated with ceramic-plastic decorative elements.

The domes are painted with frescoes of Christ, the Virgin Mary, angels and prophets, in the sanctuary are representations of Christ's suffering and embodiments, while in the main nave are cycles of Great Feasts, Miracles and gospel stories and the holy warriors and monks. In the church today are relics of Prince Lazar.

To date, three towers and part of the northern wall is saved, but in those days need of defending the monastery erected in the valley, very large fort would certainly be necessary. In the ancient sources it is mentioned that the monastery had seven Pirg fort (towers), while a writer 1568 records seeing only 4 preserved towers. In the first half of the nineteenth Century, precisely on 1829 , there was still a large dining room from the Middle Ages within the monastery complex, but today it is largely in ruins.