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Saturday, 24 February 2018


West Serbia

The characteristic of west Serbia is moody, hot-tempered and legendary river Drina. It is a really slow and plain river, which after all the windings through the mountains on its upper course deserves to rest. Next to Drina, near Loznica is Trsić, a village with buildings from the beginning of the XIX century. Drina River with a lake Zvornik has become a symbol of tourism in Serbia. In the area of Ljubovija ethno villages have already been built. About the heroic history of west Serbia many monuments remind us – battles at Mišar, Cer, near Valjevo…

In the second week of June, a popular "Regatta on Drina" is held. Besides sports on water, mountaineers are recommended to visit Bobija mountain (1272 m) and a gorge of Trešnjica. In this area, there are also 3 spas, good for people who have problems with rheumatism.

Sopotnica Waterfalls

sopotnicaThe Sopotnica waterfalls are located in southwestern Serbia, on the river Sopotnica, on the western slopes of the mountain of Jadovnik. They are located in the municipality of Prijepolje in the area of the village of Sopotnica.

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Mileseva Monastery

milesevaMonastery Mileševa is Serbian medieval monastery situated on the river Mileševka. It was built in Raška style, by the King Stefan Vladislav (1234-1243) in the first half of the thirteenth century, as its foundation, in which he himself was buried. In the narthex, which was enlarged by King Vladislav in 1235, he buried the remains of his uncle, St. Sava.

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zlatiborZlatibor Mountain in the southwestern part of Serbia was the destination for the wealthy since the mid-seventeenth century, and a place of temporary residence of those who are, above all, searching for health, but also for peace at slopes of Zlatibor, where a body restores energy.

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Potpecka Cave

potpecka-caveThe Potpećka cave is in the village of Potpeće, 14 km southeast of Užice. It is unique in its monumental entrance in the shape of a horseshoe. The entrance is 50 m, the width at the base is 12 m, and 22 m under the arch, making it the largest cave mouth in Serbia. It is carved into a limestone cliff, the vertical portion of which is 72 m high.

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