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Saturday, 24 February 2018


Herzegovina and North Montenegro


Herzegovina is the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While there is no official border distinguishing it from the Bosnian region, it is generally accepted that the borders of the region are Croatia to the west, Montenegro to the south, the canton boundaries of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton to the east, and Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje to the north.

The name Herzegovina means "duke's land", referring to the medieval duchy of Herceg Stjepan. Herceg is derived from the German title Herzog.

The scenes of north of Montenegro, probably first comes to mind when we think of it’s natural beauty. First of all, Durmitor National Park, probably the most famous tourist brand of Montenegro. But there is far more beauty to explore there, besides Durmitor - there are vast spaces of plateau Sinjajevina and Moračke Mountain (Babin Zub, Lola, Cap Moracka - Lastva, cone), there are deep canyons of the river Tara, Piva, Komarnica (Nevidio), then Bioč and Volujak, incredible Maganik debris, and numerous mountain lakes (Captain, Trnovačko, Zabojsko, Vražje, Zminičko ...). It is difficult to cover in one view all that debris and wild, beautiful forests and Durmitor Sinjajevina, all the contrasts, and a magnificent sense of hermitage drawn into the pores, when you watch that high mountain part of Montenegro.

Rafting on Lim River

limTo derive maximum pleasure from Lim River it is necessary to coordinate time of the year with an ideal ratio of air temperature / water level. Water level can vary over half a meter at night, and as temperature is concerned, it is known that at Lim, for three days, you can experience all four seasons.

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trebinjeTrebinje Gračanica church, offers beautiful view of Trebinje. This is the place where famous Serbian poet, Jovan Dučić was buried.

Tour by SUVs to the Austrian Fortress of Strač, which has eight floors underground, incredible steel dome at the top, and the water system that still works.

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