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Sunday, 21 January 2018




The Šumadija region is the spiritual and cultural capital of Serbia and has given its own touch and contribution to much of that which makes Serbia different. Here trumpets and pipes are provide musical entertainment, the kolo dance weaves in and out at major gatherings, cold days are warmed up by a mug of “Šumadija Tea” – (Serbian Rakia brandy heated and sweetened with honey or sugar), and people still gather round to hear stories of Serbian heroes and army commanders, great battles and even greater victories.

Maybe it is because of this historical legacy that every stone in the region has a story to tell. A special kind of roadside stone marking, the krajputaši, alert the traveler to moments in the region’s history or point the way to a famous landmark – but sometimes they just encourage the traveler to stop and take a break.


Hermitage of St. Sava

hermitage-sv-savaHermitage of Saint Sava is located on the slopes of Mount Radočelo, located some 12 kilometers from the monastery Studenica. Hermitage is built from a cave complex in a vertical rocky cliff, reached at the narrow wooden bridge lying next to the cliff. Next to the hermitage is the Church from the 12th century – Pridvorica, dedicated to St. George.

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gucaGuča – Dragačevo, is a place where annual brass trumpet festival is held. Every year, thousands of visitors from Serbia and abroad, visit the town with several thousand inhabitants.

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