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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Red Star vs. Partizan

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Red Star and Partizan football clubs are the two main columns of Serbian sport. Their rivalry lasts from 1945 when both clubs are founded. It is one of the greatest European city derbies. Partizan played Champions Cup finals in 1966 against Real Madrid, and Red Star won European and World Cup titles in 1991. Their stadiums represent two sites with rich sport history, and great memories for all football fans.

Pick up from the hotel.

Visit to Partizan stadium and museum. Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by a guide who is a great connoisseur of the club’s history. Experience what it feels like to sit on the side-lines of the pitch...Imagine being interviewed by a mass of reporters while sitting in the press conferences hall. One of the benefits of the tour is that you are free to photograph the places that you visit. Tour starts and ends near Partizan fun shop.

Walk towards Red Star Stadium.

Official guided tour of the stadium of Red Star Football Club which most people call Marakana. Red Star FC museum has one of the worlds’ richest and most beautiful sports' collections in the world. The entire collection consists of over 1400 items (trophies, plaques, photos, etc.) out of which 680 items are on display. The most important trophies kept at the museum are Champions cup and Toyota-World Cup trophies from 1991. Visit to the open gallery of the museum, and free time to take photos. Visit to Red Star Shop and coffee break at Red Star Café (when opened).

Optional tour of Tito’s „House of Flowers“. It was built in 1975 as a winter garden with work and leisure space for Josip Broz, close to his Residence. In accordance with his wishes, Tito’s body was interred in the central flower garden in 1980. On display in the House of Flowers are local batons presented as gifts by members of the Pioneer youth organization and by various other youth, social and political organizations.

Return to the hotel.

Duration: half day

Price per person:

4 -7 persons 8 -14 persons 15- 35 persons 35+ persons
27*/45 € 20*/28 € 16*/22 € 11*/14 €

 *Price without travel agency guide