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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ibar rafting

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ibar-raftingYou should use all the conveniences of the river Ibar in the spring and go with Alpha Team on Ibar rafting. Ibar is the nearest to Belgrade, and the starting point, Usce, is only 200 km away. The river section is 24 km long, from Usce to Maglic, and the water level in April is such that it can be passed in 90 minutes.

A two-day adventure on Ibar includes a visit to the monastery of Studenica where Stefan Nemanja, Grand Prince of the medieval Serb state of Raska, was buried.

After that, we’ll take you to see Maglic, a XIII century fortress in the Ibar gorge. Beside the rafting you will be able to enjoy the delicious local cuisine and homemade brandy. Believe me when I say there’s nothing better than roasted meat, homemade corn bread, cheese and cream after spending the entire day white water rafting.
We offer you a private accommodation for the overnight stay, but should you insist we can organize a hotel accommodation at the favorable prices. Should you be interested for this option, we kindly ask of you to mention that to us when signing in, because it is mostly a one day tour. For the 1st of May we can suggest the traditional “Early rising” which includes one-day of rafting adventure with no overnight stay, returning to Belgrade the same day. On the rapids of “Grmcic” you can try out body-rafting, meaning you go down the river wearing your life vests, which is a very special experience for all the participants.

Ibar rafting program

This traditional Alpha rafting tour always brings smiles to people’s faces, although nobody likes to get up so early. The adventure starts at dawn, and ends in the evening. We can organize for you a one-day rafting event with the full equipment, transportation and lunch.

07:00h Leaving Belgrade
11:00h Arriving at Ušće. Preparing for the rafting. Crash course of rafting basics.
12:00h The start, Ušće – Maglič section (24km)
15:00h Finish
16:00h Lunch
18:00h Leaving for Belgrade
22:00h Arriving in Belgrade

The price includes: the transportation Belgrade- Usce- Belgrade, full rafting equipment (boat rafts, paddles, life vests, helmets, wetsuits and footwear), guide services and lunch.

“Veseli spust” (Jolly descend)

“Veseli spust” is an event that has been held successfully for 20 years on the river Ibar with the great number of participants. The main features of this event are thousands of people on the river, the trumpet players, roasted pork and lamb, positive energy, going down the river on the improvised rafts made of anything that can float. It is the event that is always carefully planned and we are proud to be a part of it and each year more and more people are participating.

It can attract even 10.000 people and it will be held no matter if it’s 40ºC or if it is raining. Rafting club “Alpha team” has participated in this event since 2004, and you can check out the photos from the previous events to get the feeling of it all.

“Veseli spust” (Jolly descend) program

Be a part of an event that has been held for 20 years! “Jolly descend” is an event that can bring together 10.000 people going down the river in a line stretching for 5 km. It is common knowledge that the best trumpet players and the barbeque masters are at the river that day!

June 27th 2010
02:00h Leaving Belgrade
06:30h Arriving at Maglic, visiting the fortress
07:30h Preparing to go in the water
09:00h Slope start
14:00h Arriving at Mataruška banja, packing up the gear
14:30h Having lunch on the restaurant terrace in Mataruška banja
16:30h Leaving for Belgrade
21:00h Arriving in Belgrade

The price includes the transportation by bus Belgrade- Maglich- Belgrade, as well as the full gear for the slope, guide services, the passes for the descend (including the participant’s insurance and lunch).