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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lim rafting

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lim-raftingThe river Lim is, in our opinion, the best for the top rafting experience! To make it as enjoyable as possible, the date set should be with the ideal ratio of weather temperature and water level.

The water level could vary half a meter over night, and as for the temperature- you could very well witness in three days the changing of all four seasons at the river Lim. Lim is a unique river on which we always have three-day rafting with two overnight stays.

Before we hit the rapids we take you sightseeing of beautiful Ali Pasha’s springs, from whence flows the stream that makes the right tributary of the river Luce into the lake of Plav.
Lim springs up from the lake of Plav and provides three totally different days of rafting adventures. The first day of rafting, from Plav to Murine (10 km) or from Plav to Berane (24 km) is, according to our humble opinion, the best river section for rafting in the Balkans. The river is mostly narrow, full of rocks and branches leaning over the water. A single moment of carelessness can throw you out of the boat raft. The second day of rafting begins at Berane and ends at Ribarevina. On a second day, we are passing through the longest and the strongest rapids in the Balkans- Tifran. What is so special about that section of the river is the fact that its river bed is full of rocks and boulders that have fallen (in the most “convenient” manner for the rafters) during the construction of the local highway Bijelo polje- Plav. At the end of the second day, we are organizing body-rafting under the bridge at Ribarevina, which is a very special attraction for all fellow rafters.

On the third day, we are passing through the beautiful gorge of Kumanica and we end our rafting adventure at Brodarevo. During this rafting adventure, you are able to visit Kumanica, one of the three Orthodox monasteries that are said to have healing powers, which is situated on the border between Serbia and Montenegro. The Lim rafting adventure includes two overnight stays, where one is at the board house in Berane and the other is in the mountain lodge in Sopotnica at the height of a 1000 m, near by the incredible waterfalls of the river Sopotnica

Lim rafting program

It is our great honor to introduce to you the best downriver rafting of the year, the adventure that will take your breath away- rafting on the Lim river by Alpha Team! This three-day rafting tour is for the real adventure lovers- a great adventure that the rapids of the mountain river Lim will provide. Please read the program for this three-day tour that is totally different than your usual vacation and get acquainted with the best of what Alpha Team has to offer you, and this year it looks like it’s going to be even better!

23:30h Leaving Belgrade

07:00h Arriving at Alipaša’s springs. Sight-seeing.
08:15h Arriving at the lake of Plav. A break.
10:00h Preparing to go in. A crash course of rafting basics.
11:00h The start of the downriver. Day one, Plav - Murino section(10km)
14:00h The end of the first day rafting
16:00h Checking into rooms, a private accommodation in Berane
18:00h Dinner. Free time

09:00h Breakfast
10:00h Preparing for the second day of rafting
11:00h Section 2, Berane - Ribarevina (22km)
14:00h End of section 2. Body-rafting
15:00h Leaving for Sopotnica
15:30h Arriving at Sopotnica, private accommodation
17:00h Lunch. Free time.

09:00h Breakfast
10:00h Preparing for the third day of rafting
11:00h Section 3, Kumanica - Brodarevo (15km)
14:00h End of section 3.
15:30h Leaving for the lake of Zlatar.
17:00h Lunch at the restaurant "Zlatarsko jezero"
19:00h Leaving for Belgrade
01:00h Arriving in Belgrade

The price includes: bus/van transportation, full rafting equipment ( boat rafts, paddles, helmets, life vests, wet suits and footwear) as well as the guide services, two nights in the private accommodation, five meals.