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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Tara rafting

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tara-raftingGo rafting on the river Tara! It’s canyon is the second deepest in the world and the water is so pure that is drinkable! Tara rafting is the most frequent event in the Alfa rafting calendar, and the service that we can provide is rightfully the best!

We offer you the best accommodation, the best food, complete transportation services from Belgrade to Scepan polje and back, local transport, all fees paid, the best equipment and guides. All you need to take with you is your swimsuit and the rest is up to us!

On the river Tara the downriver section is always from Brstanovica to Scepan polje, a 14 km long section that has 21 rapids of 52 that Tara has in total. The arrangements that we offer can include one or two overnight stays, that is going down the river Tara once or two times. If you would like to go by your own transportation, contact our organizer to inquire for how much the price of the arrangement can be reduced.

If you would like to try out faster and more exciting downriver rafting, then May and June are the right time for you, and if you are more for slower and easier option you should choose the July and August as the time for your adventure. It is a special experience being under the Sipcanica stream that has a constant temperature of +5ºC, which has always been a place to see and visit for all the Tara rafters. Overnight stay at the river Tara is in the bungalows that you can see below, and each bungalow has two bathrooms with hot water. When it comes to food, you can always choose from the various dishes that your host has to offer you.

Tara rafting program

This is the experience that only the beauty of the river Tara and its rapids can provide, and it’s now at your reach! You have the opportunity to see that all the stories about the river Tara are true! Get away for the weekend from the city-life and feel the beauty of the river so pure that is drinkable, the traditional local cuisine and taking the time off far away from obligations.

This summer will be definitely marked by relax rafting program on the river Tara! We have provided a complete service for you which includes transportation from Belgrade, full rafting equipment and the guide services, then the overnight stay at the best accommodation at the river Tara and the allure of the traditional cuisine.

01:00h Leaving Belgrade
08:00h Arriving at Šćepan polje
08:30h Breakfast
10:30h Going towards the start of the downriver rafting

11:30h Downriver section Brštanovica - Šćepan polje (14km)
15:30h Downriver finish
17:00h Lunch. Free time.

09:00h Breakfast
11:00h Leaving for Belgrade
18:00h Arriving in Belgrade

The price of this arrangement is aprox 92€. The price includes: the transportation, full rafting equipment (boat rafts, paddles, helmets, life vests, wet suites and footwear) as well as the guide services, accommodation, fees, and three meals.