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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tara rafting

tara-raftingGo rafting on the river Tara! It’s canyon is the second deepest in the world and the water is so pure that is drinkable! Tara rafting is the most frequent event in the Alfa rafting calendar, and the service that we can provide is rightfully the best!

We offer you the best accommodation, the best food, complete transportation services from Belgrade to Scepan polje and back, local transport, all fees paid, the best equipment and guides. All you need to take with you is your swimsuit and the rest is up to us!

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Lim rafting

lim-raftingThe river Lim is, in our opinion, the best for the top rafting experience! To make it as enjoyable as possible, the date set should be with the ideal ratio of weather temperature and water level.

The water level could vary half a meter over night, and as for the temperature- you could very well witness in three days the changing of all four seasons at the river Lim. Lim is a unique river on which we always have three-day rafting with two overnight stays.

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Ibar rafting

ibar-raftingYou should use all the conveniences of the river Ibar in the spring and go with Alpha Team on Ibar rafting. Ibar is the nearest to Belgrade, and the starting point, Usce, is only 200 km away. The river section is 24 km long, from Usce to Maglic, and the water level in April is such that it can be passed in 90 minutes.

A two-day adventure on Ibar includes a visit to the monastery of Studenica where Stefan Nemanja, Grand Prince of the medieval Serb state of Raska, was buried.

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Vrbas rafting

I dan Polazak iz Beograda. Put za Banja Luku. Po dolasku, obilazak kanjona reke Vrbas (25km od Banja Luke), ručak na obali reke. Noćenje u Banja Luci ili u u sportsko-kajakaškom kompleksu.

II dan Doručak. Odlazak na rafting u nažešćim brzacima reke Vrbas, u najatraktivnijem delu kanjona. Povratak na ručak. Posle ručka odlazak u mesto Jajce i na izvorište reke Plive. Povratak u Banja Luku. Noćenje.

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