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Sunday, 25 February 2018


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vrsacVrsac is town of vine and pilots. There is Air Force Academy, and it is natural that the from slopes of Vrsac Hill it is possible to fly by most quiet and closest to nature aircraft - paraglider.

Vršac Hill is 641 m above sea level high, and tandem flights are routine for local pilots, but for you ... adventure for life.

Vrsac vineyards covers the hilly terrain around Vrsac, the final slopes of the Carpathians, make it "Vrsac vineyards" that have plantations with more than 1700 hectares of vineyards, while in the region has about 2,100 ha.


Vrsac Beach, Gudurica, immediately remind good connoisseur of the area where the best grapes are grown and good wine is produced. The favorable geographic and climatic conditions for growing grapes have allowed that all those who have lived in these areas, to seriously commit to the production of grapes and wine