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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Underground secrets of the Belgrade fortress


Tours in English – every Saturday at 11:00 – duration of the tour is around 2 hours

Group meeting in front of Cvijeta Zuzorić pavilion in Kalemegdan park at 11:00h.

Belgrade fortress - passing through the gate of Karadjordje – the name was supposed to commemorate the entry of Karadjordje and rebellious Serbian army to the fortress at the beginning of 1807.

In the Casemates under the Military museum we will witness a dark side of the human psyche, showcased by a collection of medieval torture instruments, which show the inquisitorial methods of old European justice systems.

Passing through the inner gate Stambol and the Sahat (clock) gate.

Descent into a large underground cold war military bunker, hidden from public eye until recently, which shows the dangers of Yugoslavia’s leader Tito attempts to balance between two world powers. The bunker was built in 1948. due to the needs of the state to defend against a possible attack by the Soviet Union.

Roman well - mysterious edifice buried in the bedrock near the "Victor" three centuries ago. Roman well was called the "navel of the world" and it was believed to be the place where the mythical hero Orpheus descended into the underworld. The eerie atmosphere inside tickled even the imagination of great Alfred Hitchcock.

Passing to the lower city through Deferdareva Gate, and a descent deep under the rock of Pobednik plateau, to the underground halls of Great Gunpowder storage, adorned with numerous Roman stone artifacts, as wells as of one of the greatest relics of the Christian world, Jonah's sarcophagus, around 1500 years old.

In the end, an optional visit to Nebojša tower, built in XV century to defend the city against the Ottoman threat, only to be made into an infamous Ottoman dungeon three centuries later. In there, the Turks applied the most brutal ways of torture. You will find out why is it called Nebojša and which great Greek hero was slaughtered there, what were the armies that attacked it look like and much more…


The price is 8 EUR (with a voucher from discount websites)

- in RSD value on the day of payment -

The price without voucher is 15 EUR


Included in the price:

- Guide services for the duration of the tour

- Costs of arranging the tour

- Entry fee to the Casemates of the Military museum

- Entry fees to all the underground sites of the Belgrade fortress

Not included in the price:

- Individual tourist expenses

- Entry fee to Nebojša tower - 150 RSD


This program was made on the basis of 4 tourists who pay the full price. The organizer reserves the right to, in case of insufficient number of tourists, cancel the trip or adjust the prices.

General terms and conditions of travel, as declared by Republic of Serbia, apply to this program - Boreas travel, Belgrade, the license of the Ministry of Tourism OTP 16/2016