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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Belgrade city


Many cities live 24 hours a day and this is nothing special. But Belgrade is not only “alive” non-stop, but it is the place where you will find great fun at any time of the day! The ancient fortress lies on two major European rivers, at the confluence which will restore peace to your mind. And around fort, there is a two-million-people metropolis. Sava and Danube rivers separate the Pannonia Plain and the Balkans picturesque hills and mountains. The statue of the “Belgrade winner”, who symbolizes the power of weapons, but also a desire for eternal peace, stands in this place as the border guardian. He is the symbol of Belgrade.

Belgrade offers a night life which is rare in Europe. Here you can dance on the tables and see the most beautiful girls and boys in the old continent. With a local cuisine, which is more than surprising for all guests, home-made dishes based on local meat products, fresh river fish, and an offer with the international cuisine from around the world - you can never be hungry. And there is no need to waste words on prices, because you will not spend a lot of money as well.

Another surprise! A mix of cultures is spectacular. Here you will see stunning examples of Renaissance, Baroque, Oriental, but as well modern architecture.“Gateway to the East" is also the place where members of many religious communities live. There you can meet byzantine-orthodox culture with its grandiose architectural structures, such as St. Sava Temple, the largest one in the Orthodox world. Or the church of St. Mark, one of the most beautiful byzantine-Serbian churches and baroque Saborna Orthodox Church, with fascinating mosaics....But there is also the oriental Bayrakli mosque, Christ the King and the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Churches and the Jewish synagogue Sukat Shalom. Belgrade offers place for everybody... Through history, Belgrade was bombed over 70 times, making it the recorder on the planet. Yet one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe proudly wears the traces of its builders - the Celts, Romans, Serbs, Hungarians, Turks, Austrians...

Hospitable Belgrade is also a large business and convention center in the region, but those business people have as well heard of the crazy Belgrade nights. Perhaps that is the reason why many business meetings are made precisely there. Belgrade hotels and hostels offer massive and diverse quality, ranging from small guest houses, dormitories, through the world's major luxury hotel chains to the incredibly warm small hotels with excellent, local service. Sail the Belgrade rivers, or enter its underground dungeons. Come to Belgrade, the city visited by almost all the international stars from the world of film, music and sports industries. Just be careful, many have wanted to stay here forever...