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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Vrnjacka Spa

Mostly legionaries of V legion Flavia and VII Legion Klaudiana and Romanized indigenous tribal aristocracy were coming here for the treatment and recovery.

The claim that the Romans knew about Vrnjačka mineral springs came from the travel writer Felix Kanitz, at the end of the nineteenth century. He says that the thermae of Vrnjčka were located south of the fort in the village of Gracac. However, during works in the nineteenth century, the residues were not visible or those who did the research did not know how to recognize them.

Traces of Roman times were encountered by chance in the catchment of hot springs in 1924.  A properly carved rock from which hot mineral water was flowing, was discovered at the depth of 2.40m. About 200 Roman coins which belong to the period from August to Valentinian, were found in the hot springs in the rock. Right next to the Roman sources, at about the same depth, the remains of the first known swimming pool were found.

The spa got its name after the village of Vrnjci where springs of mineral water were found. The first written document about Vrnjačka Spa is Baron Zigmund Herder's report, who did a research on the national treasures of Serbia on the directive of prince Milos Obrenovic. He considered Vrnjci mineral water to be of great quality and compared it to the famous mineral water springs in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

Exploitation of mineral resources Vrnjačka Spa began in 1970.  Hot water in glass bottles started very quickly to conquer the market. Mineral water "Vrnjci" best resembles the Spa.

To the north from Vrnjačka Spa, there are tame fertile soils of the Western Morava, and to the south, over 100 km long gorge of Ibar River. There are also high mountains with the famous ski resort Kopaonik. Finally, this is the region with the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture, especially the monasteries with the monumental fresco painting. Some of them are protected by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage.

In Vrnjačka Spa you can find high class hotels with indoor swimming pool, conference halls, and sports facilities.

Over the year, especially in the months of summer tourist season, Vrnjačka Spa offers its visitors plenty to do. Many sports - recreational facilities and grounds provide favourable conditions for recreation and relaxation with spa treatments.