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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Niska spa and hot springs

niska-banjaNiška Banja was known at the time among the ancient Romans who arranged the main spring in the second century and raised the bath with two pools of colored marble. During the reign of Emperor Constantine and his successors, the imperial resort in the Mediana had a bathroom with beneficial spa water.

In the 1521 Niška Spa was a resting place of the Turkish emperor Suleiman and his army on the road during the capture of Belgrade. In the era of the Ottoman Empire the spa had separate bathrooms for men and women as well as several facilities to accommodate patients. Memorial fountain "Three Kings" in Niška spa show that the healing waters were well known and enjoyed by King Milan, King Aleksandar Obrenović and King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. Alexander left for his his last trip to Marseille from Niška Banja, where he was assassinated in 1934.