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Saturday, 24 February 2018


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According to the famous Serbian linguists, Milan Vujaklija, the word “salaš” is of Hungarian origin and it is a field with all the economic farm buildings, livestock and tools for agronomy. The Salaš is a complex, consisting of smaller fenced area and a large farmland. Outside the court there was a garden, where vegetables, fruits, and sometimes a vineyard were grown. Unlike today's salaši that are being reconstructed for tourist purposes, the original farms were modest. In the room was located “paorska” - wall oven, and around it the mat or seat cushion.

Salašars were primarily farmers. For easier cultivating of land, salašs were built mostly in the center of large agricultural areas. Salaši in Bačka withstand for the longest time. Most of these salaši occurred during the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century. A large number of farms existed between the two world wars, and almost completely gone after World War II.