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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Dida Hornjakov salash Sombor

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salash-somborThe Farm looks like 104 years ago, when it was built, and evokes the spirit of Vojvodina's plain from the late 19th and early 20th century.
That used to be just good food, confirmed by the kitchen at the farm, where guests have the opportunity to try paorski meal from oven and taste the famous gala dinner of Bačka.

Meal first starts soup with dumplings followed by various sauces, cooked meat, then fried dishes, fried meat, and the end of cherry pie, poppy seeds, nuts or pumpkin.
Architecturaly Hornjak farm, located in the village of so called bokor type, is a classic example of this type of rural construction in the area of the Pannonian Plain. The construction dates from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, with a clearly defined economic and residential areas, and a civic spirit relying on the tendency of development of intensive agricultural production of farm type.
The building is located on the outskirts of alluvial plains, called by pejorative body curves of miss.Manda, more than a century ago, and is owned by a famous family Hornjak, whose efforts to make this jewel of Vojvodina's rural architecture incorporates the so-called trend "Rural tourism" and receive praise both from domestic and foreign organizations and a number of visitors.
Remaining at the site whose beauty during all seasons alike, fully experiencing the advantages of the multicultural and multi-ethnicity of the Vojvodina plain is artisticaly, perhaps the most fertilized by song and verse of the Board of Old Songs of Vojvodina - Zvonko Bogdan.