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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Majkin and Cvetni Salash

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majkin-salashMAJKIN Salash (Moms’s Farm) is located in Palić next to the hotel Cvetni Salaš on a property of more than 10 acres (see Map). The location of the restaurant itself reveals that people of the lowlands have always lived in contact with nature. The farm is situated in a way to provide the best possible protection and functionality to its inhabitants.

It is closed off from the north by a wall to protect the building from the cold north wind (so-called ‘gornjak’). The owners’ room used to be on the east side the house so they would be woken by the first rays of the sun. The guest room was located on the west side of the house, while from the south side it was open. This is the exact same division you can see in the Majkin Salaš today. A great amount of care and energy was invested into turning this building into a restaurant and yet keep its characteristic features so specific to the lowlands. The old Vojvodinian farm (salaš) has once again become the centre of life where people meet over a tumbler of home-made brandies, original tambourine music and traditional local food. Gourmets may enjoy a lunch of good beef stew (perkelt) with home-made noodles with sour cream, rooster-goulash with noodles, bean soup, lamb-goulash with cabbage, and fillet fish soup. Our guests with a sweet tooth can choose from a wide range of doughnuts, strudels, sweet noodles, stewed fruit. These meals are just a tiny part of the rich menu of Majkin Salaš. Accompanying the good food we offer a quality selection of wines and various sorts of home-made brandies made of quince, apple or plum. You can enjoy music played by our tambourine orchestra “Neven”. The property also includes a fish pond, swimming pool, sports facilities and stables. All these are surrounded by our orchards and a small acacia forest. We organize various events to ensure that our guests are given a reminder of the olden way of life and traditions practiced in this region. In this vein we have a range of traditional arrangements which are aided by tourist agencies, the municipality, art colonies, straw work associations, cultural associations, all in the hope of preserving the cultural-historical heritage of Palić and furthering its tourism.

Near one of the most beautiful lakes of Vojvodina is a Cvetni Salash (Floral farm). On it you can not be bored because:
- On the farm we have 6 Lipizzaner horses and 9 ponies. Guests can take a ride by coach, enroll in riding school, while in the winter we organize sleigh pulled by horses.
- There is open swimming pool (dimensions 4m x 10m, depth 1.6m - 1.7 m), the pool has sun umbrellas, deck chairs and enclosed terrace
- Fishing at carp farm,
The price includes accommodation and daily permits for fishing in our pond. 10 years intensively cultivated mainly carp fish so that our guests have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of fishing.
- On the farm there is a field for football and volleyball and basketball court for. Recreation in the gym and relax in the sauna, Ethno workshops where we cherish the tradition of this area...