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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Rokin salash

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rokin-salashCentennial, ambient arranged farm on the eastern shore of the Ludaško lake, the "Rokin salash" for a long time was a meeting place for the local population. This part of coastline offers a remarkable panorama of the beautiful lake. Tršćaci the farm and part of the lake called Yellow coast are valid as once a favorite place for fishing.

On the steep bank of the lake are a lot of boats. Salašari as the switch to the other shore of the lake where is a church, school, cemetery and from recently, the market. The "house boat", as it is sometimes called the farm, was inhabited by a boatman, a man whose big boats carried passengers on the other side. Below the coast of farm fishermen were dragging their nets, the fish were sold and fish soup was cooked.
The value of farm is preserved in its original format that matches the type of the Pannonian house. Rokin salash preserved three-part feature of the house of “North nabijenice” with reedy roof. I still can be used and various archaic furnace hearth in the open chimney. There is no electricity on the farm.