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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Salash Cveja

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salash-cvejaSALASH CVEJA in the shade of hundred year old oak, linden, locust is waiting for all travelers who want to escape into an oasis of peace.
This island of local food and Bačka hospitality, surrounded by a welter of cereal and endless seas of crops, is settled near the village Begeč.

The guests warmly welcomed buy old hosts, known for their cordiality and culinary skills of the popular "grandma's kitchen."
The Farm is an ideal place to organize large family gatherings, birthday parties, and all other closed celebration. With a glass of homemade rakija, gibanica and other specialties you will spend unforgettable moments. Children will enjoy socializing with cats, dogs, chasing the ball in a grassy courtyard.... And if someone gets tired of all the host dessert, there were a few rooms with the necessary comfort.
The vicinity of the Danube and the famous Begečka pit, surrounding a rich hunting grounds, is only a part of attraction for all nature lovers and for those who want to escape away from the noise metropolis.

The salash is off closed type, so announcement is needed.