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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Zekin salash

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zekin-salashWhy Zekin salas?

Zekin salas or "Rabbit Homestead" earned its name, because in the pleasant surroundings of the plain and the Srem village, and with the rabbit as its theme permeating all the contents of this homestead (with the exception of the cuisine), it offers pleasant relaxation, tasty forgotten foods, recreation and enjoyment.

Multinational, diversified and multicultural Vojvodina is reflected at several levels – from the cuisine to the interior decoration of Zekin salas.
As its next phase, the design of the tourist complex Zekin salas envisages the construction of a 60-bed hotel, wellness center, and recreation area.
Zekin salas tourist and cultural complex spreads on 7000 m2.

Etno restaurant With a capacity of 150 seats, and a beautiful open air seating facility (courtyard) of 300 seats, in the setting of the ancient Srem household, the restaurant offers forgotten and specific food originating from this region. The Srem breakfast, various kinds of filled and plain noodles, perkelt stews, Ukraine pirog, goose in wine, fish stew, pies, sweet filled noodles, cakes prepared with lard and rabbit paw cakes, are only part of our plentiful gastronomic offer.