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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Katai Salas

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katai-salashThe capacity of the Tanya is seventy beds. Our guest can choose from one of the fifteen rooms available (doubles, and dorms of four, six and eight beds with bathrooms). We provide a service of versatile activities: the traditional hand craft workshops and the tours in nature will definitely contribute to the widening of our visitors` existing knowledge and experience.


The close touch of nature with the domestic animals being near, the horse and donkey ridings, the ride on the tractor, quizzes, joke-games, our night programs with animations and the well equipped and safe playgrounds will certainly provide a feeling of relaxed siesta and an experience of a well spent day for our guests. Beside the walks in nature, eco-tours and healing herb collecting, our guests can enjoy in the local customs and cultural happenings depending on the season, but of course, there is an opportunity to visit our other sites, as well.

During the summers, our youngest can choose between the offered summer camps: the Art Camp, the Green Camp, the Traditional Hand-craft Camp and the Language Camp.

The bakery from the early 1900`s is also a part of the family's inheritance. It provides an insight into the mystery of bread making, with old time means and instruments used in the process of bread making from the turn of the previous century.
The baking of the `kurtoskalacs` (a deli specialty from Erdely) is also presented here, and there is an opportunity for the guests to bake the cake for themselves.

A modern guesthouse complex was attached to the Tajhaz, with bedrooms of three and fife beds available. The exciting playground, green fields and an artificial lake of 960 m2 (suitable for fishing and swimming) provide an ideal rest experience for organized groups and families with children.