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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Salash 84

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salash-84Salash 84 has been occupying a part of the Vojvodina plain for almost 300 years. Serene and tranquil, always on the same location, it has managed to survive all the wars, revolutions and changes that could only happen on the border between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, on the very fringes of the Balkan Peninsula. Whole families have been born and have died without ever leaving the grange.

Their notion of the world comprised nothing but the sky, land and their grange.

Tourists who come to visit Salaš 84 have a unique opportunity to see what has kept the Pannonian plain alive for three hundred years, how people in Vojvodina used to live and why this grange is the most peaceful place in the world.

All elements of Salaš 84 have been renovated in the same style they were constructed: barns, granaries, pigsties and coops, corrals, wells, additional facilities, warehouses, the guesthouse and the main building. Salaš 84 is all about tradition. The grange is heated with old tile-stoves, the oldest one being made 175 years ago. Out of the ten tile-stoves, six have been made of the famous Zsolnai ceramics and are true works of art in their own right. The roofs were thatched by hand using the thatch grown at the grange, while over 750,000 bricks, burnt in special moulds – just like two hundred years ago, have been built into the floor and the walls.

There is nothing in the world that compares to Salaš 84. It is the only spot in the whole Pannonian plain offering a clear view of the plain and by looking to the west and north-west, tourists can enjoy a truly exceptional view of the land, with not a single tree or bush on a flat surface, until the eye meets two spires of churches belonging to different confessions on the horizon. A breathtaking landscape: golden wheat, the blue sky and a thin line crossed by the church spires. That is a real grange: God, land and the sky.

Salaš also boasts a beautiful lake with cascade waterfalls, sprinkled with islets and bridges. The scent of linden and acacia fills the air at the grange. Horses are running around, swans and wild ducks are swimming in the lake. Wherever you look around, you will feel relaxed by the pastoral and almost magical scenes. Leaving behind the traffic congestions, rush and race against the clock, tourists suddenly find themselves in an oasis which is a true feast for all senses and which will help them regain strength and peace of mind.