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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Capriolo 264 Salash Bačka Topola

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backa-topola-salash``Capriolo`` Salas (Farm), known also as Salas, is situated 30 km from Subotica, 60 km from Novi Sad and approximately 150 km from Belgrade. It is located in an authentic farm ambience. The natural beauties fused with human activities create excellent conditions for rest and recreation through relaxing ambling around the artificial lake stocked with exotic sorts of fish. Salash can attend 30 people.

Besides the accommodation, it provides relaxation in two saunas. The farm has a restaurant with a capacity of 150 seats. The pleasant ambience of the restaurant is enhanced by a traditional earthware stove, in which the traditional Vojvodina’s specialties are prepared. Besides the local dishes, the guests can savour the dishes of Italian cuisine ``a la carte``. Salas provides accommodation in double and three-bedded rooms (with double or twin beds). Each room has en suite bathroom and it is equipped with air conditioning, cable TV and internet access. According to Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, a famous Serbian philologist, a word ``salaš`` is most probably of a Turkish origin. It is the widespread word, which can be found in various regions and with different meanings. For example, in Bosnia (in Visoko and in Sarajevo) it means ``corn basket``, while in Kosovo, it means ``breeder’s home``. Other nations such as Bulgarians, Slovaks, Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, Russians, Turks and Ukrainians use this word with the meaning of ``wattle shed``, that is to say, a wooden booth for selling fruit. Salas also means a farm, homestead or agricultural estate which is also the meaning of a Hungarian word ``szalas``. It refers to the lonely homestead built in a field that is cultivated and surrounded with the auxiliary buildings and usually fenced in by wooden staves or wire fence, thus, making a farmyard.