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According to the famous Serbian linguists, Milan Vujaklija, the word “salaš” is of Hungarian origin and it is a field with all the economic farm buildings, livestock and tools for agronomy. The Salaš is a complex, consisting of smaller fenced area and a large farmland. Outside the court there was a garden, where vegetables, fruits, and sometimes a vineyard were grown. Unlike today's salaši that are being reconstructed for tourist purposes, the original farms were modest. In the room was located “paorska” - wall oven, and around it the mat or seat cushion.

Salašars were primarily farmers. For easier cultivating of land, salašs were built mostly in the center of large agricultural areas. Salaši in Bačka withstand for the longest time. Most of these salaši occurred during the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century. A large number of farms existed between the two world wars, and almost completely gone after World War II.

Dida Hornjakov salash Sombor

salash-somborThe Farm looks like 104 years ago, when it was built, and evokes the spirit of Vojvodina's plain from the late 19th and early 20th century.
That used to be just good food, confirmed by the kitchen at the farm, where guests have the opportunity to try paorski meal from oven and taste the famous gala dinner of Bačka.


Majkin and Cvetni Salash

majkin-salashMAJKIN Salash (Moms’s Farm) is located in Palić next to the hotel Cvetni Salaš on a property of more than 10 acres (see Map). The location of the restaurant itself reveals that people of the lowlands have always lived in contact with nature. The farm is situated in a way to provide the best possible protection and functionality to its inhabitants.


Rokin salash

rokin-salashCentennial, ambient arranged farm on the eastern shore of the Ludaško lake, the "Rokin salash" for a long time was a meeting place for the local population. This part of coastline offers a remarkable panorama of the beautiful lake. Tršćaci the farm and part of the lake called Yellow coast are valid as once a favorite place for fishing.


Salash Cveja

salash-cvejaSALASH CVEJA in the shade of hundred year old oak, linden, locust is waiting for all travelers who want to escape into an oasis of peace.
This island of local food and Bačka hospitality, surrounded by a welter of cereal and endless seas of crops, is settled near the village Begeč.


Salaš Jelen Palic

salas-jelen-palicSalash Jelen(Deer) on the outskirts of Palić. In addition to the authentic atmosphere here and you can enjoy beef or lamb, homemade bread, or even to join the hosts in the preparation thereof.


Salash 137 Cenej

salas-137-cenej"Memories of the salash are the only paradise from which we can not be expelled"
Farm 137 is a unique place if you want to enjoy the local food and drink with an authentic environment and local Vojvodina ethnic music.


Zekin salash

zekin-salashWhy Zekin salas?

Zekin salas or "Rabbit Homestead" earned its name, because in the pleasant surroundings of the plain and the Srem village, and with the rabbit as its theme permeating all the contents of this homestead (with the exception of the cuisine), it offers pleasant relaxation, tasty forgotten foods, recreation and enjoyment.


Perko’s salash

Its beauty and attraction leys in the large collection of different antiquities, such as yokes, ox-cart, ploughs, looms, mirrors, wooden beds and old mattresses filled with dry corn leaves or straw, and bed spreads and pillow-casings two hundred years old. All this is generously toped with hosts’ warm welcome and kindness.


Katai Salas

katai-salashThe capacity of the Tanya is seventy beds. Our guest can choose from one of the fifteen rooms available (doubles, and dorms of four, six and eight beds with bathrooms). We provide a service of versatile activities: the traditional hand craft workshops and the tours in nature will definitely contribute to the widening of our visitors` existing knowledge and experience.


Salash 84

salash-84Salash 84 has been occupying a part of the Vojvodina plain for almost 300 years. Serene and tranquil, always on the same location, it has managed to survive all the wars, revolutions and changes that could only happen on the border between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, on the very fringes of the Balkan Peninsula. Whole families have been born and have died without ever leaving the grange.


Capriolo 264 Salash Bačka Topola

backa-topola-salash``Capriolo`` Salas (Farm), known also as Salas, is situated 30 km from Subotica, 60 km from Novi Sad and approximately 150 km from Belgrade. It is located in an authentic farm ambience. The natural beauties fused with human activities create excellent conditions for rest and recreation through relaxing ambling around the artificial lake stocked with exotic sorts of fish. Salash can attend 30 people.


Wine salash Cuvardic Kelebija

cuvardic-salasWine Farm is located at the exit from Subotica, the border crossing Kelebija. What “pudarska” old house in the salash yard, differs from other property is an exquisite wine list with old and new indigenous varieties of wine