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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Vranesa at Zlatar Mountain

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vranesi-zlatarEthno eco village, as the most beautiful oasis of peace, was built in a pine forest that extends to Zlatar, at an altitude of 943 meters. Hiking trails lead to Radoinjsko lake, and beside that you can see fountain, bakery, places for relaxation and socializing, tracks health, ethnic setting. The village is built from authentic, ecological material from the end of the goldsmiths - black pine and stone. 

The complex ethno-eco village "Vranesa" consists from the central building on three levels, with the surface of 400 m2, with room for presentations, restaurant, fireplace room and reception. There are offices, kitchen, terrace and two exclusive suites as separate entities. Five houses have 40 m2, with two double bedrooms and a fireplace, complete with the ethnic ambience of the village to the highest standards.