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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Eco Farm Zornic

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zornicAt only 30km away from Belgrade in the heart Sumadije Kosmaj below the village of Baćevac Barayevo, is EKOFARM Zornić & Zornić.
Air Spa, peace and quiet, beautiful rural setting, a multitude of domestic animals and all that in the folklore of the old rural households and a number of details from the old rural life will make a step away from the city noise.

On eco-farms Zornić & Zornić was opened ethnic restaurants where you can enjoy local food and pleasant surroundings.
With a wide variety of domestic animals, a mini zoo, pony rides, children's playgrounds, your children will experience an extraordinary experience.
Hope is that this introduction may arouse forgotten childhood in the countryside, and those who did not have it, maybe a little tickle the imagination. We will try to introduce you to our household and our first steps in realizing a dream.
On farm there is ethnic restaurant with traditional cuisine and meals prepared by our grandmothers' recipes.
Ethno restaurant Zornić house, situated in the idyllic area of Šumadia landscape, has an extra ordinary view to Kosmaj mountain. In addition to good food in our restaurant will hopefully be happy with over 30 types of best brandy, and as many wines from this region. Our household will not only offer good food but the atmosphere to enjoy in chosen music. The murmur of water and birds will certainly contribute to it. After all, you will naturally go down and rest on the carpet below two hundred years old oak.

The village presents the items that you now rarely see. The story about it and their use in the past will help you to better understand how life in the old Serbian household.
Directness and kindness of the hosts and staff and overall ambiance will make your stay extraordinary. Our idea is to be with us and with us feel as if you came with relatives and we will make sure that it really so.