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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Latkovac at the Zeljin

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Ethno village Latkovac arising in more than two centuries old fireplace ancestral of family Knezević. Two decades Kavrići ago abandoned hamlet, today is a tourist-cultural center, open year round for many guests.

latkovacIn addition to rich history, is specifically village environment and beautiful untouched nature. Pure mountain water, field and forest herbs, fresh mountain air, local healthy food and beverage charms of hospitality, will make this a unique place for every visitor, and will leave trace deep in the memory.

Latkovac ethnic village located is in the northwestern part of the municipality Aleksandrovac.


The village is situated 220 km from Belgrade and is settled at the foot of the mountain Kopaonik, Goč and Željin, 430 meters above sea level.
Latkovac ethnic village consists of four houses, stables and barns. The oldest, the red house, to the early 20th century was the courtroom, after it was moved to private property. This old house is about 200 years old. Other houses were built in the early last century. All the houses are built of mud, straw and timber. Hamlet survived both world wars and carries a long and interesting historical story. This part of the village is inhabited by a family Kavrić. The inhabitants of the village were very respected and well-known winemakers, farmers, craftsmen and artists.

The complex also includes a restaurant, library and ethnic store, with specialties and manual work of this area.