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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Markovića Avlija (Markovic's yard) Gornji Music Mionica

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mionicaIn the village Gornji Mušić, at the site Mala Marišta, 70 kilometers from Belgrade, 30 from Valjevo and 15 from Ljig started the first Promotion Centre in the village. Center for promotion of the village got its name from its host - "MARKOVIĆA AVLIJA." Bz this is clear, but also symbolically indicated range of activities that will take place here - everything that happens in the host yards from the food, decorating and space planning exterior, to the gathering of people of good will and intentions.

With the promotional space, 200 m2 multi-position center has one comfortable apartment with two annex, garden VIP lounge and open bar, as well as melancholic route "Grablje", fireplace for a great camp fire and a complete electronic promo-line with video and sound beam.

9 beds