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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Kljuc raja

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kljuc-rajaEthno Center “Key of paradise'', is situated at the foot Divčibare mountain, in the beautiful municipality of Konjic. Lepenica river flows, through the old center. At the entrance to the Village Ključ, river splits into three flow that re-merge into one at the end of ethno village.
In the center, there are ethnic restaurant in the style of the mill, an outbuilding apartment, house for miller and pond.

In the restaurant you can enjoy the specialties of traditional and contemporary cuisine, and there is an adjoining kitchen with bread oven and dryer for meat. The old mill grinds the corn and wheat grain, the old Serbian custom. A was mill made in the 1912.
There is a pond where trout are grown, where guests can take in fishing. The best is wisely cultivated rainbow trout (Salmo irideus), which was transferred from North America and is grown only in special ponds.
However – the best is the one that pleases you, and just it, so you can catch it by yourself.
And somewhere around the center of the ''Key of paradise'' is old ''Railway car hand-painted'' Slobodan Topalovića painter, master of vision, an artist whose every image is worth more than any story.