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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno Park Avlija (Yard) Glusci Bogatic

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bogaticIn an environment which brings us back to life of a Serbian village two centuries ago, is the ethnic restaurant "Krčma Lazarova", permanent exhibition, dormitory for guests, children's pool, paddock with horses, carriages, gig cart, ... All this can be seen on half a hectare space.
In the first part of the court-yard, there are two barns that are completely cleaned up and set as exhibition.

Looms, chains, cradle, spinning wheels, vases, rugs, old irons, stoves, cabinets, featuring rural images and more as worth seeing. Today, when you start welcoming Serbia and imagine yourself in the atmosphere of two centuries ago, Mačva great plains should not be missed. As now is rich with wheat, maize, always was rich with primeval tradition of the Serbian spirit and hospitality. Still lives libertarian spirit of the writer Janko Veselinović, spirit warrior Hajduk Stanko, Stojan Čupić, Zeka Buljubaša later painter Milić of Mačva. His life is inscribed in every image that exudes the scent Macva villages.
Today, in the heart Mačva plain is the village Glušci, 20 km far from Šabac city and Sremska Mitrovica and 4 km from Bogatić. It typically large, with many young people. There is the source of the thermal water. The village is the guardian of the beautiful, rare preserved churches from the Byzantine era, and recently become the guardian of the Ethno Park "Avlija" like unusual destination of Serbian customs and traditions.
Below porch, there are exhibits from the 19th century, which is still used. Original coach from Vienna, will take you to special rides of pleasure, as well as sleds, made on thirties of last century.