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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Vrhpolje near Drina river

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vrhpoljeVrhpolje ethno-village, with its environment, l is the pearl Azbukovitza area, which open its heart, beauty and hospitality, local cuisine, customs and traditions of Serbian villages to the expected guests. Everything is here, as in a old times.
Feel the spirit of old times and traditions, from the early nineteenth century.

See the sculptures, “Magaza”, rugs, iris, tripod, the old cabinets, girlish Cases, petrol lamp, “natega”, colorful belt, quince in the closet and wooden beds. Smell dried plums, pears and medlar of Azbukovitza.
The Ethno village has accommodation capacity of 12 wooden Wyatt of firs categories, ready to receive the 50 guests. There is a "Achillea” house with a spacious open-air terrace above the river Drina. And like everything else on “Sofra” are served traditional dishes of the area: corn bread, cheese, cream, “gibanica” pie, ušipci, charm, ajvar, fish and fish soup of Drina.