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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sirogojno old village - museum

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sirogojnoOld Village "is the open-air museum which displays architecture, interior design building, the way of business and organization of family life of mountain people - mountain landscape in Zlatibor, part of southwestern Serbia and spacious wooded landscape of Dinaric area.

In addition to the protection and cultural presentation of material at the Museum, great attention is paid to preserving the spiritual and intangible heritage, through the reconstruction of some folk customs and the revival of old crafts.
During the year, according to the calendar of Christian holidays and folk customs, the Museum is marking Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter, and customs of the spring and summer cycle. Reconstruction of practice shows the way in which the population of this region marked the great religious and national holidays. From them you can see layers of people's beliefs or crossing Christian and pagan elements. Customs, as a sort of heritage of the people, as well as multi-layered rituals that accompany them, reflect the totality of people's life in space and time.

The museum house, near the fireplace, oldest residents of surrounding villages gathers on “poselu” for holidays. By precious stories, which are thematically focused and interesting, offering visitors the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the folk life of Zlatibor. Their narratives are particularly interesting to young visitors and very useful to researchers engaged in studying folk customs.
The revival of old crafts concerns almost forgotten techniques of wood, metal and clay. The museum, through workshops, shows three men production trades – Kačarska(barrel making), blacksmith and potter, and the participants, through the demonstration, have the opportunity to meet the overall process of making traditional handicraft products.