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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Zeleni Cardaci (Green Houses)

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zeleni-cardaciZeleni Čardaci, the four-star suit complex (the highest graded in the category ) is situated on a green hill surrounded by hundred year – old pine trees, the constant murmur of water and the most beautiful song of nightingales. It offers complete rest for you and your family. It has the capacity of 20 people and it has its own club.

Zeleni Čardaci provide ideal conditions for the organization of smaller gatherings, seminars and creative workshops.

Zeleni Čardaci complex consists of more facilities situated in colorful and green surrounding. These lodges are called: Izvor, Žubor, Slavuj, gazebo and benches for a break. It also has open fire, barbecue, facility for children to play. Built with wood and stone and high-quality ecological materials these facilities are well organized, functional and extremely pleasant. All the suites have great heating system, floor heating, radiator, fireplaces in combination with tile stoves. They also have TV sets with satellite channels and it has telephones. The kitchens are fully equipped for the food preparation and consumption. Built completely with wood and other natural and ecological materials the suites are decorated with warm colors, good-quality lighting and ethno and art details that give the essence to this unique tourist complex

Club, situated in the lodge Žubor is arranged for professional gatherings, meetings, small seminars, workshops. With approximately 20 seats, TV set, bar and small kitchen as well as benches in front of lodges, at open, it offers big possibilities of relaxed, spontaneous or organized gatherings of the guests.

Zeleni Čardaci is situated in a park, on the vast green meadow intersected with paths and stream. Park has its special places for the barbeque, open fire that challenges you to prepare traditional food in the pottery.

There is a space especially organized for children where they can keep company with each other, get acquainted with animals...