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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Gornja Kravarica Guca Lucani

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gornja-kravaricaEven the most persistent and suspicious searchers for the paradise on earth would admit that the real Eden Garden is located in the village of Gornja Kravarica at the estate of Radičevićs family.
Family Radičević managed to accomplish (im)possible mission, to combine incompatible - ancient and modern, in the picturesque village in Dragacevo without disturbing his idyllic atmosphere.

"Vajati"( Wyattee) are apartments with four stars, which means that a guest enjoys a full comfort, enabled by the latest achievements of civilization, but also the untouched natural beauty. This is an environment that provides each guest a safe haven and an opportunity for true rest from the pace of modern life.
Guests can enjoy the peace of nature with the full the charm of recreation: a long walk through the fairy-tale village ambience - an unforgettable experience.
Guests can also deal with hunting, fishing, picking wild fruits and herbs, to participate in all of their hosts work, or to play football, volleyball or basketball on the newly opened sports facilities located in the complex "Wyatt."
On six hectares of land, there is a pool, but also a place for children, which will allow the parents a worry-free vacation.
Thoroughly clean lawns around the house, hundreds of pots with different types of flowers, a fountain in the middle of the yard - are "Vajati" a real oasis.
Intact, but the gentle nature about "Wyatt" is equally beautiful in all four seasons, and winter youngest, as well as to the older the opportunity for skiing and sledding ...
The original meaning of "Vajati" is a wooden building in the courtyard of farmhouse used for the newlyweds and to hold the clothes for wedding One such authentic located in the yard, "Wyatt", next to the restaurant, and faithfully reflects the home of Serbian peasants in the 19th century.
What each guest will certainly remain in his memory is and hospitable hosts, and taste traditional Serbian cuisine.
The hosts are always ready to meet the guests and to fulfill a wish is sometimes greeted with a morning song and dance, the sound of trumpets and accordions.