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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Garaske breze (birch) Aranđelovac

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arandjelovacToo fast pace and lack of free time, makes desire to escape somewhere for the weekend from the cities lifestyle. It could be a village in the heart of Garaši in Šumadija, under the auspices of the green Bukulja, in which there is one unusual household.
Homes surrounded by birch and conifers with a pleasant shade, every corner of the yard is settled without excess frills, but with much love and effort, make that "Garaške birch" a place where everyone can have their peace.

Playful woodpecker that is already host in the yard will greet guest for a moment, make you wonder when and where the last sound was heard. It is difficult to reach and to remember, and the table will smell with food. As housewife Vera Petković said, everything is subordinated to the guest, and the food is, either summer or winter, preparing on wood.
Homemade bread and cakes are normal, and cheese pie, mekike, gibanica, prženice, polenta, eggs with bacon, with homemade cheese, kajmak and sour milk or plain, are inevitable. As in every good home, lunch can not be imagined without the soup or stew, cooked foods (rolls, stuffed peppers ...) and good salads. Chicken roast with potatoes and roast meat under the Garaške birch, and without a good dessert (strudel, Koch, apple pies, pancakes) can not take any day.
For spending calories there is recommended walk, for example, to the rural church of St. Elijah, and in the continuation of the same road to Garaško Lake about a kilometer away. Who likes to fishing could join persistent fishermen on the lake shore, and who wants to swim, there is nice steady complex with outdoor swimming pool nearby.