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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Terzića avlija Požega

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terzica-avlijaEthnic Park Terzić's yard is located near the center of the village, on a hill, beneath the beech forest. This ethno park represents a typical rural property, consisting of two old Serbian houses (one of which is 100 years old and built of brick underdone, with a roof on four of water, covered with old plain tile). In one place it is shown everyday family life and the other house is used as a guest house and the house in which patients were guests served during feasts.

In the backyard, a few domestic buildings (dairy, sheds, farm ... some newly built summer houses, a small summer theater and a log cabin for sale of souvenirs) and a well, 12 meters deep, with cold water, which was built with a dedication in memory of Gvozden and Milisav Terzić (uncle and nephew) - which have been shot by the Germans on 1941. As part of the permanent exhibition in the Terzić’s garden is a testament in which Gvozden leaves his home in heritage to his young nephew, but fate wanted them to end life together at the same time by the same hand.
The trademark of Terzić”s yard is a Serbian soldier in uniform from the period of the Balkan wars in the Serbian peasant shoes. It is made from ash wood tree (life-size, height 190 cm, the figure of Gvozden Terzic) by hand of a young artist Miladin Lekic. The same artist is also the owner of the idea of Ethno Park, and did another masterpiece: potter of Zlakusa (after a character from an old potter from family Terzić), also a life-size, this one is made of walnut.